Roughing It

I am going to school to be a nurse and it is taking me forever to finish my schooling. My parents can’t afford to help put me through school so I have to do it all on my own. I am always working, sitting in class or doing homework for the most part. My car broke down and I can not afford to fix it so I am usually walking everywhere that I go.

I applied to become a Darlington escorts companion and I am awaiting my second interview with the agency. I have been keeping very positive and I have my fingers crossed that I will be able to fix my car soon.

I already have been recruiting me some clients so that I will be ready when I get the phone call. If my parents ever find out what I am getting ready to do, they would kill me!


I had booked a date two months ahead of time for one of the Durham escorts that I like to see often. The reason for my visit in the area was because I had to attend a big annual conference that I have to go to every year for work.

My company always pays for my room but I upgrade my room and get a nicer one! I make sure that it is on the other side of the hotel away from my coworkers. They do not know that I have companion friends in another country. I have to sneak around and tell them that I am going back to the room for the night to get some sleep.

It is like a game to me because I have not gotten caught yet and I like the thrill. I think that if I did get caught that my wife would find out from someone that I work with.

My Summer Job Was Amazing

I took a job as a dominatrix London phone sex operator to make money this summer and it was an interesting experience. I had some interesting customers who called and asked me to say some strange things.

One morning, I received a call from a guy on his way to work in a limousine. He asked me to talk to him in a squeaky voice and call him junior. He said that he was a fan of the old television show “All in the Family”. I was laughing, but whatever he wanted was my command.

I had a customer who called in on the night of his wedding asking me to pretend that I was his mistress trying to convince him not to get married. I told him that I could better satisfy his needs and that every desire he had was in my sexy body. He got off and hung up.

Drink Green Tea

One of my fuck buddies turned me on to drinking green tea because it is the healthiest liquid to drink. The green tea has been proven to lower ones cholesterol and to improve the blood flow. Some researchers even stated that it helps with heart related issues such as congestive heart failure and high blood pressures.

If you are trying to lose a couple pounds green tea will help drop pounds along with daily exercising. When you are ready to sit down and relax after a long day of work, make your self a tall glass and sit back in you recliner. A chemical that is called theanine will cause a calming effect through your entire body. Adding lemon or vitamin C makes it taste better. Me and my buddy go shopping for the green tea right before we are ready to run out, we can not live without it!

The future of relationships

40 years ago, people would only date someone from their city or someone in the same state. However, as technology started to improve, people are now able to meet plenty of people through online bondage dating sites. This how I was able to meet my current girlfriend who lives in Sydney, Australia while i’m in the Philippines. We both met on one of those sites and it was certainly scary at first.

However, as time went on, we started to get closer and now are virtually inseparable. The nice things about these sites is that you are able to get to know the person first before you even meet. This is a great screening test so that you do not have to waste time and money on random dates and blind dates on people that are not worth it. Stay online and you will be happy that you decided to take this route.

Pizza & Euchre Party

I had a pretty wild party over the weekend with a bunch of my buddies. We were going to go out for a night on the town but it was too cold. I ordered a pizza, wing dings, cheese bread, subs and pop to soak up all of the alcohol that we would end up drinking that night.

We played about six games of euchre and then we started to get really bored. My friend called a couple of his London escorts friends to come over and liven up the party. They did just that and an hour later everyone was dancing around in my living room. I am sure my neighbors are not happy with me right now because they knocked on my door several times asking me to turn the music down. One of the escorts answered the door and she barely had any clothes on, definitely a fun night!

The Mind of a Child

I over heard a group of young ladies talking this morning about their boyfriends and Birmingham escort agency. It was funny how interested they were in the topic and how they giggled at every word spoke. I remember when my daughter was little and how she used to find the most ridiculous topics interesting and funny. At that age they don’t really see what is in front of them, but only the image they create in their mind. That is what makes a child’s imagination so vivid and creative. If only all of us adults could have that creativity at our age. Then we would probably go further in life and in our careers. It amazing how far your imagination can actually take you it todays world, so many companies look for a unique mind with new things to bring to the table.

Not From This World

Last night the Manchester escort agency provided me with the most beautiful woman to have ever walked this earth. She not only had the smile of a goddess and eyes that could kill, but a personality that could keep anyone at her side for all hours of the night. The evening that we shared together was definitely something straight out of a dream. We had the most romantic dinner for two on the beach, walked barefoot down to the waters edge and went back to my hotel to enjoy an expensive bottle of Merlot. I believe we sat there in each others company till 3:00 A.M. that morning and than finally said our goodbyes. At first the thought of hiring an escort seemed out of this world, but now it just feels like I had taken a very good friend or girlfriend out for a fun and entertaining evening.